What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process that facilitates better personal and interpersonal understanding & functioning. It relates to issues of life from childhood to old age focusing on emotional, intellectual, social, vocational and health related development. It has following major components –

Better understanding of self and world around.
Less distress & better adjustment through more effective coping skills.
Realization of self-potential & better quality of life through more effective functioning.

Counselling provides a safe and free platform which allows you to discuss & explore yourself and your life in an atmosphere of privacy, trust, respect and warmth along with psychological expertise of counsellor. It provides an opportunity to vent out your feelings, to explore your positive & negative aspects, to discuss problems and to explore better options without any threat of being judged or ridiculed. In short counselling helps in living a better life.


Marriage & Relationship Counselling

What is the key to people’s hearts? (love, understanding).

The most valuable thing in life is relationship.

Life cannot be real if relationships are not real.

Relationships are the most enjoyable experiences of a human life. Their various relationships that we share with different people mainly, spouse, parents, children, friends, colleagues etc. theses relationships are meant to enhance our life and growth.  But the challenges do arise especially when the person is trying to fulfil ones void or unfulfilled desires through the relationships that he or she is in.

In this workshop we focus on the relationship that the participant is trying to work on.  Helping them identify the reason for the conflict. Identification of the void and then working on them with the help of various techniques.

On demand we also keep these workshops only for the couples to improve their understanding.

It is confidential!

Counselling is entirely confidential. It is not necessary for you to reveal your details about the problem and all the necessary information. The life incidents and relevant information revealed by you remains only between you and our counsellor. It is never discussed or shared with anyone under any circumstances.

Types of counseling offered at The Mind Ocean

Distance Counselling (Online Chat / Email / /Telephone) – It helps those who are unable to visit clinic for in-person counselling
In – person (in clinic) Counselling
Children & Sibling Counselling
Adolescent Counselling
Student Counselling
Pre-Marital Counselling
Marital / Couple Counselling
Personal issues Counselling
Family Counselling
Social and Relationships Counselling
Old age / Geriatric Counselling
Spiritual Counselling
Health Counselling
Stress and anger management Counselling
Grief / Anxiety / Depression Counselling
Counselling for unwanted thoughts / feelings / behaviour
Problem & Solution Focused Counselling
Self-Management & Self Growth Counselling
Emergency – It helps in urgent cases of threat, psychological catastrophe, rape, accident etc.